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Mar 23, 10 3:58 PM
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Welcome to Bloodshed!

So far we are a faily new guild so we welcome all sorts of players into our guild. Our goal for Bloodshed is to become a raiding guild full of lvl 80's. That doesn't mean we won't accept those under lvl 80 though, we want to help you get you to that lvl 80 we know you want.

So far we have two bank tabs and a tabard. You may notice that if you are a lower rank, you cannot withdraw from the bank. It is that way so nobody can withdraw anything just to sell for their own purposes. If you are wanting anything from the guild bank, you must ask the Blood Chieftain or any Elite Warlord or even a War General if they would withdraw for you.

We have 10 ranks in our guild. The way the guild ranks work are like this:

*Blood Chieftain - Guild Master*
Ask him for any questions you may have about the guild.
*Elite Warlord - 2nd in Command*
Same as the Blood Chieftain, will help you out with anything you may need help with in the game if it is possible.
*War General - People who have been in the guild for a while and helped out a lot*
These people will help you if you ever need any help, tho they may also need some help every now and then so please feel free to help them or ask them for help.
*Blood Keeper*
These people have also earned their rank by helping out or donating to the guild bank.
*Scarred Warrior*
These people have been a part of the guild for a while and helped out in the guild slightly.
*Battle Scout*
This rank i hope to make into a Player vs. Player (PvP) rank for those alts in the guild that are meant for PvP.
*Damned Knight*
This is for those who have been a part of the guild for a while now and have been helpful as well.
*Trained Fighter*
There is a point where lvling will earn you a rank, and this is the rank, get past lvl 15 or if you already have a higher ranked Alt in the guild, you will automatically be ranked to Trained Fighter.
*New Blood*
This rank is for those who have made it to lvl 10-15.
*War Victim*
This rank is for any non-alts who are under lvl 10, if you are new to the game, don't be scared to ask for help from the other guild members, I'm sure they would be happy to help.

To get promoted to a higher rank, you could donate to the guild bank, help other people out in the guild or even lvl yourself up with other's in the guild. If you think you have done enough to get a promotion, talk to the Blood Chieftain (BC), he will tell you the truth, whether it's if you haven't done enough or maybe he just missed something, whatever it may be, he will make sure you know.

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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Bloodshedguild, Mar 23, 10 3:58 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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